The team that is behind our success

Man who laid the foundation and made it all possible.

Our Team

Man who laid the foundation Mr. Haji Thaku

Founder of Juneja Construction Company and its Director, Mr. Haji Thaku laid the foundation of the company back in 2011.  Belonging from a business family, he had innovation and ideas in his blood. He has proved his worth in the construction industry after delivering several successful projects in the last fifteen years of his career. With his hard work and dedication, he rightfully has secured a place amongst emerging corporate leaders of the industrial world. He was very young when it entered the construction industry and grew from strength to strength. From the very beginning Mr. Thaku realized the need of building a corporate culture and implementing a distinctive value structure within the enterprise. His focused approached has made Juneja Construction Company one of the fastest growing construction company in the nation.  

The man who made it all possible Mr. Siddhartha Jain

Being the executive director of the company, Mr. Siddhartha Jain had a lot of responsibility on his shoulders. Known for his public relation skills among several companies and clients, Mr. Siddhartha Jain is responsible for all the quarrying activities of the company and has a say in the administration of the company as well. A bachelor degree holder from Delhi University, Mr. Jain is behind all the strategic decisions and initiatives of the company. His PR skills help the company to gain the trust of the investors and partners and his dedication and commitment helps in successful execution of all the projects of the company. He also makes sure that all the resources of the company are utilized optimally to ensure consistent growth over time. At an age of just 29 years, Mr. Jain has acquired extensive experience in the construction industry with his visionary approach. Under his guidance Juneja Construction Company has not only emerged as a rapidly growing company in Barmer, Rajasthan, but also aims to grab a fair share in the construction industry of the nation. Mr. Jain’s expertise ranges from planning and executing different projects, managing the resources, seeking and using upcoming opportunities, etc.

Mr. Khamisha Khan- Project Manager

 With an experience of over 13 years in the infrastructure and the construction industry, Mr. Khamisha Khan’s responsibility spans from pre-planning, drawing out the final plans of the projects, to procuring the resources, handling negotiations, arranging the labor, and finally executing the plan.

Mr. Barkat Khan- Project Manager

Mr. Barkat Khan holds an experience of over ten years in the infrastructure and construction industry. He has made a significant contribution in successful implementation of several construction projects of the company. He has been a part of the road projects executed by the company in Rajasthan.

Mr. Umeda Khan- Head Supervisor

With a five years experience in the infrastructure sector, Mr. Umeda Khan is another hard working member of our team. His role in the road construction projects of the company and other associated infrastructure projects proves his worth in the team. Managing the labor and supplying raw materials are some of the main responsibilities that he Mr. Umeda Khan renders in the company.

Juneja Constructions Company

Bhadka, Barmer (Rajasthan)