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Civil Construction Materials: Juneja Construction Company supplies a varied range of building material, which comprise a combination of modern sustainable products and conventional construction products. Our assorted portfolio of civil construction materials is a result of consisted innovation. Our range of construction materials include a huge assortment of sand, gravel, and crushed rock, concrete masonry products, additives for cement processing, roofing underlayment, morang, structural waterproofing systems, door & deck flashings, pre-fabricated components, air & vapor barriers, and many other aggregates. Our construction materials are utilized in surfacing, precast concrete, road construction, etc. Other products included in our portfolio are steel, bricks, and iron rods.

Safety Products: We understand how important safety is for workers in an industrial environment. To make sure that industrial areas are free from hazards, we supply a range of industrial safety products. Starting from industrial garments, safety helmets, shoes, to safety gloves, protective suites, face shield, and spectacles, we have it all in our product portfolio. All our products are of the highest quality and are manufactured as per industrial quality norms. Our safety products are very popular in oil industry, construction industry, power and steel sector, mining sector, and many other places.

Water supply services:Every industrial site, especially construction sites need water in huge quantity for carrying out different processes. To facilitate this need, Juneja Construction Company supply water and water storage and supply products to different industries. From contractors to sub-contractors involved in the process of construction, we supply water to all for uses like remediation, soak away testing; concrete mixing, dust suppression, and wheel wash applications. We have emerged as a leading supplier of water and equipment solutions. Pulling water, moving it and removing water are some of the important concerns industrial sites, and our hydro constant water pumps and fittings are capable of tackling all these issues. Our range of water storage solutions include:

  • Water Tanks:
    We offer tanks of varied sizes, storing capacity, and of the highest quality matching the needs of industrial sites. Our tanks have been a part of many turnkey projects. If your present water supply is not enough for your needs, then our tanks can work as temporary reservoir of process water.
  • Water Tankers:
    No matter how tight is your site’s environment, our tankers can reach you there and supply you the desired volume of water. Our tankers just need proper turning areas and suitable access.

Transport services to construction sites: Timely arrival of raw materials on time, moving of materials from one site to another, and handling of different on-site vehicles and machinery are of utmost importance for construction companies. Our dedicated and trained carnage and heavy transport team puts forward comprehensive service to different construction sites, which include managing forklifts, handling small sized and large sized cranes, to driving wagons. From power generation plants, petrochemical plants, to manufacturing sites, oil refineries, and mills, our transportation services reach everywhere, and our trained drivers have experience in maneuvering heavy vehicles within the facilities and outside. We also offer industrial vehicles ranging from trucks, JCBs and passenger cars. We also make sure that we follow all the on-site regulations and norms.

Power Supply Solutions: Interrupted power supply can lead to many problems in an industrial site. To ensure uninterrupted power supply, Juneja Construction Company offers a huge range of heavy-duty generators to meet industrial power supply needs. Whether you face lack of power sources, or insufficient capacity, our generators can be the best solution for your problem. Even if you seek an alternate source of power supply, then you can depend on our generators. From diesel to gas generators, we offer it all to make sure that you always have a backup of power for your industrial activities.

Office Supplies:We not only work behind the scenes, we contribute equally in front of the screen too. This means that we not only build commercial spaces, but also provide office supplies used in work places. Our products include:

  • Basic supplies:
    Our range of basic supplies include tapes, adhesives, desktop accessories, graphic supplies, pads, books, files, binders, pockets, envelops, sticky notes, staplers, writing equipment, etc.
  • Paper supplies:
    These include paper of different sizes, photo paper, paper meeting specific requirement of printers, labels, card sheets, paper folders, planners, diaries, social and preprinted stationery and hole punches.
  • Furniture and Seating:
    Furniture is not only important for furnishing office spaces, but is equally important for creating an impression. We offer a selection of executive chairs, office desks, filing cabinets, partitions, screens, visitor seating, storage units, seats for conference rooms, workstations, canteen furniture, etc. for spicing up your work place.

Excavation and backfilling services: Excavation calls for a lot of hard work and meticulous monitoring to attain a level of success. Our expertise in excavation services ensure optimum result from excavation projects carried out by different industries. Our services include both commercial and residential excavation work, which are carried out either mechanically or manually. Based on the kind of the work, we offer digging, grading, dredging, trenching, and other developmental services. We are equipped with all the machinery required for extensive excavation jobs including earthmovers, diggers, drilling equipment, dozers, hydraulic hammers, rock rippers, etc. We couple our excavation services with soil moving and leveling services as well.

We offer soil backfilling services for construction, industrial, as well as for residential purposes, and we make sure that the movement of the soil is carried out according to specific requirements of our clients.

Scaffolding services: Our scaffolding services have gained widespread popularity, specifically because of our priority towards safety and quality. We offer best scaffolding solutions for different jobs including suspended staging, aerial platforms, lifts, material lifts, planking, etc. Whether an industrial site needs cuplock scaffolding, or wedge lock systems, or galvanized pipes, we offer it all.

Our scaffolding services provides you maintenance, parts, and repair services for aerial platforms, scaffolding, forklifts, elevated platforms, and suspended stage machinery. During erection of onsite scaffolds, accuracy and safety is very significant, and our clip, system, and tube scaffolds provide these features in the correct combination.

Our team of analysts examines all our scaffolding systems based on varied parameters. This ensures the best performance of our systems. We also offer galvanized and walkway scaffolding planks, which are highly demanded in construction sites. When it comes to our cuplock systems, there is no dearth of variety and sizes. This provides improved access and support in industrial sites.

Green Belt Maintenance: Taking care of your surroundings and your environment is a part of corporate social responsibility. For construction projects, this is even more important, as maintaining the ecological balance is not only their responsibility, but is a rule as well. Juneja Construction Company lends a hand in fulfilling this responsibility through green belt maintenance service. We develop and maintain green belts as per our client’s guidelines. We do our job with optimum accuracy and dedication, not only for the benefit of our clients, but also for the benefit of the entire community. Our services include sustainable landscaping, property management, and land maintenance. Through our services, we want to make a small but significant contribution towards improving our environmental conditions.   

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