We Do Not Just Say: We Actually Do

Being a construction company, we analyzed how workers on our site bring along their children to work as labors, which help them to increase their source of income.

CSR - We Do Not Just Say: We Actually Do

We Do Not Just Say: We Actually Do

Juneja Construction Company is new to the construction industry, but rendering social responsibility is not a new concept for us. Mr. Siddhartha Jain, the executive director of the company has always been generous and has actively participated in many philanthropic activities. The company’s corporate social responsibility reflects his values and qualities.

Juneja Construction Company is based in Barmer district in Rajasthan. Barmer is home to some of the poorest, remotest and secluded villages of our country, where people are completely disconnected with the mainstream society that we live in. Although, the company offered several employment opportunities to people living in these remote villages, yet it soon realized that providing employment was not just enough to improve the living conditions of these places.

How we help and make a difference

Being a construction company, we analyzed how workers on our site bring along their children to work as labors, which help them to increase their source of income. Understanding our responsibility, we carried out every possible measure to discourage child labor. To do so, we also implemented programmes to educate children of our workers. Juneja Construction Company not only makes education accessible to these children, but also offers financial support to underprivileged workers, who are not able to provide education to their children.

 Nobody is different to us

One of the company’s major sites Bharka, is a Muslim dominated area. However, we make several efforts to eliminate any kind of inequality in the area and offer complete support to minority communities residing in the area.

Our Efforts to perk up the living condition of the rural people

We work in areas, which are not only remote, but are far away from the facilities that urban areas enjoy. People here do not have access to some of the most basic amenities like a toilet. This is why health and cleanliness have also turned into big issues for people in these regions. Working together with the people back here, Juneja Construction Company have been successful to create awareness about cleanliness and ill effects of the habit of open defecation. The change in one place has send ripples to nearby areas, where the rural population is now inspired to get rid of open defecation habits.

We have also launched a community-led total sanitation program to bring about big changes in toileting habits of the locals in the rural areas of Barmer.

Education a right for all

In a society where girl education and their rights are still a big issue, Juneja Construction Company have tried to contribute the cause of providing education to all despite of their sex or caste. We encourage equal education opportunities and other rights for both girls and boys. In an arid and hot place like Bharka, where children have to walk miles to reach the school, even a small step can bring a big change.

In our effort to make education accessible to all, Juneja Construction Company has offered fiscal help to a Rajkiya Prathmik Vidyalaya in Juneja Mehron Ki Basti, which educates children up to class 5th. From free distribution of books, to free uniforms, bags, and other facilities, we have provided it all. The company has also worked jointly with the local MLA to extend the school facilities up to class 8th, so that children need not to cover miles of distance under the scorching sun to get higher education.

We are continuously trying to accommodate classes up to 10th standard in the school, and also working hard to improve the infrastructure of the school.

This is not where our help ends

Other than providing basic amenities, employment opportunities, and education facilities to people of Bharka and nearby regions, Juneja Construction Company is also making efforts to join the isolated people of the area to the mainstream society. This can be done only with the help of improving the communication facility and by increasing awareness. For this purpose, we provide TVs and Radios, and encourage people to use them to know what is happening around them and be a part of revolution happening around the nation.

Sometimes words fall short to express our thankfulness: However, we still made an attempt

A district like Barmer in Rajasthan would still have been one of the most economically backward and isolated place in our country, if not for Carin India that has changed the present as well as the future of this secluded place. In a place where education and employment is even scarce than water, Carin India brought new hope with its discovery of oil fields in the region.

Active explorations of the company have open up several doors of opportunities for the people living in the district as well as the nearby areas. Now, not only they enjoy more employment opportunities but are now more aware, educated, and have better communication facilities as well. The company has contributed towards the development of amenities like electricity and transportation. Its efforts have empowered the people in the region both economically and socially.

It has been an honor for Juneja Construction Company to a be a part of the projects carried out by Carin India in the district of Barmer, and we will always be thankful to them for coming this place and making it what it is today. Thanks to Carin India, people in here are now much more capable of facing the challenges of their rustic life and are sure of a bright future for their coming generations.

We know that words cannot match up to what Carin India has done for the area, but this is our way of showing our gratitude and expressing our thankfulness.

Thank You for your active participating in the upliftment of this area

Thank You for understanding the needs of the people in here

Thank You for doing all the great work to improve the living conditions of the locals

Thank You for understanding what Barmer is capable of, and utilizing its resources in the right manner

Thank You above all for being there

Juneja Constructions Company

Bhadka, Barmer (Rajasthan)