Juneja Construction Company: An emerging brand

Expertise, innovation, and efficient project management makes Juneja construction company a brand to trust.

About Us

Established recently in 2011, Juneja Construction Company has evolved as one of the emerging business entities in Rajasthan. Since its inception, the company has expanded its expertise to the domains of construction, engineering, maintenance, and housekeeping. Formed with the initiative and hard work of a group led by Mr Hazi Thakur, Juneja Construction Company has proved its worth in the civil construction industry through its commitment to excellence and quality.

Based in Barmer district in Rajasthan, the company’s core expertise include civil construction, labor supply, and supply of raw material. We provide unmatched services for projects involving road constructions, drainage, fencing, leveling, trees plantation, and small scale infrastructural jobs including water management, sanitation, building construction, electricity and sewage.

Our core values

Focus and Passion describes us the best

We make all possible efforts to maintain personal and professional values and are driven by our stringent quality control strategies. We believe in harnessing the power of all our resources including work force, time, design, finance, infrastructure, and performance management. Our resources and skills enable us to execute projects of the highest values. Our primary focus is to complete all our projects in the provided time limit and within the allotted budget and time. This is the main reason why our clients choose us repeatedly for different construction and maintenance related jobs.

Juneja Construction Company: An emerging brand

Expertise, innovation, and efficient project management makes Juneja construction company  a brand to trust

In just a few years, Juneja Construction Company has created a legacy for the company through its successful projects in different sectors. Awareness and accuracy are two most important factors for executing challenging projects, and Juneja Construction Company offers both the features in a correct combination. Our uncompromising approach and hands-on experience facilitate the company to meet different challenges pertaining to timely labor supply, material supply, availability of machinery, and security issues as well.

After attaining proficiency in road construction, we have recently ventured into industrial infrastructure projects. Our initial construction projects comprise of two contracts worth of 8.5 million rupees, and we have executed many other small contracts since then.

Our planned approach includes:

  • Foraying into growth markets
  • Offering turnkey services and unique solutions to different clients to get ahead in competition
  • Centering all our resources to our core business
  • Improving internal capacity to provide exception results to our clients
  • Seeking opportunities in different sectors and delivering exactly what we have promised
  • Rendering our social responsibility in the best possible manner

We strive to improve the structural scenario through an array of projects in industrial, commercial, and institutional sectors as well. We have seized construction projects in various sectors and along with that; we empower our clients with maintenance services required after the conclusion of the construction work. Our construction and maintenance services are not restricted to any scale of job. From large-scale construction, to small-scale jobs, we handle it all with the same efficient and the same zest and zeal.

Constructing dreams with the power of our skills and capability

Juneja Constructions Company

Bhadka, Barmer (Rajasthan)