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Expertise, innovation, and efficient project management makes Juneja construction company a brand to trust


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Your needs are our priority, and your satisfaction is our ultimate aim. Taking care of different industrial activities with our specialized services


Who We Are?

The company has expanded its expertise to the domains of construction, engineering, maintenance, and housekeeping

About Us

Established recently in 2011, Juneja Construction Company has evolved as one of the emerging business entities in Rajasthan. Since its inception, the company has expanded its expertise to the domains of construction, engineering, maintenance, and housekeeping. Formed with the initiative and hard work of a group led by Mr Hazi Thakur, Juneja Construction Company has proved its worth in the civil construction industry through its commitment to excellence and quality.
Based in Barmer district in Rajasthan, the company's core expertise include civil construction, labor supply, and supply of raw material. We provide unmatched services for projects involving road constructions, drainage, fencing, leveling, trees plantation, and small scale infrastructural jobs including water management, sanitation, building construction, electricity and sewage.

Expertise, innovation, and efficient project management makes Juneja construction company a brand to trust.

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Our Services : Our Strength

Taking care of different industrial activities with our specialized services.

Civil Construction Materials

Juneja Construction Company supplies a varied range of ...

Safety Products

We understand how important safety is for workers ...

Water supply services

Every industrial site, especially construction sites ...

Transport services

Timely arrival of raw materials on time, moving of materials ...

Power Supply Solutions

WInterrupted power supply can lead to many problems ...

Office Supplies

We not only work behind the scenes, we contribute ...

Excavation and backfilling

Excavation calls for a lot of hard work and meticulous ...

Scaffolding services

Our scaffolding services have gained widespread popularity ...

Green Belt Maintenance

Taking care of your surroundings and your environment ...

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Our Projects: Our ladder to success

Although Juneja Construction Company came into being a few years back, yet we have many successful projects to our credit. From road construction, domestic building construction, to fencing jobs, housekeeping projects, brick works, and civil works, we have done it all for varied clients belonging to different industries. We have not only completed the projects on time, but have also delivered best quality services. Some of our ventures include:

project 1

Road construction projects

We have executed road construction work assigned by Punj Llyod in the district of Barmer, Rajasthan. Even in the harsh conditions and extreme fluctuation in temperature, we have constructed a road from Bothia to Chokhla in Barmer. Our experienced engineers and workers have worked day and night to complete the jobs, which ultimately helped in improving the local transport conditions in the area. We not only feel proud in executing this project successfully, but also are also very content to realize that we have contributed towards making the life of the locals a little more convenient. An area that was deprived of basic means of transportation can now have access to schools, medical facilities, and better commuting facilities

project 2

Building construction projects

Construction is obviously one of our core expertises, and we make sure that whatever we build, stays intact for years to come. We have carried out construction work for electric substation and have done the fencing as well. For us no job is small. In fact, the substation we built was actually there to ensure consistent electricity supply in Bhagyam field based in Rajasthan, which is a joint venture project of oil production by ONGC and Carin Energy. Sometimes, even smaller construction works can mean a lot for bigger projects.

project 3

Fencing jobs

Assigned by L & T infrastructure, we carried out a fencing job, which involved construction of a substation building and then fencing it. Good quality fencing actually assures enhanced protection of the building constructed.

project 4

House Keeping

Based in Bothia district Barmer, Cairn Energy is one of our biggest clients. We have delivered several projects for them, and the housekeeping project is one of the successfully completed projects. We understand how important cleanliness and hygiene is for industrial sites, and we make sure that our team clears off all the mess and make the site suitable for all the workers. We have offered specialized housekeeping services for one of the project locations of Cairn Energy in Bothia District, which is also based I Bhagyam oil fields in Rajasthan. Starting from dusting, routine cleaning of site, to maintenance of hygiene, our team has delivered all the services in the best possible manner.

project 5

Civil works

We have completed several civil work projects for different clients, Cairn Energy being one of them. Some of our main civil work projects involve brick works around cellar pit in a well, civil works in well pads, fire tender shed, instrumentation and electrical trench from cellar to the substation, rainwater slope protection jobs, underground pining, and other miscellaneous civil works. Most of our civil work projects for Cairn Energy is associated with the Bhagyam Project, which is second largest discoveries made by Cairn Energy in the Barmer Basin. It has been our privilege and honor to be a part of such a huge project of the nation.

  • project 1

    Road construction projects

  • project 2

    Building construction projects

  • project 3

    Fencing jobs

  • project 4

    House Keeping

  • project 5

    Civil works

We do not believe in exaggerating, as our works speaks for us. We have never compromised on quality and efficiency, and that shows in our projects. We are a growing concern, and we make sure that whoever gives us the opportunity to serve them grows with us.
Your needs are our priority, and your satisfaction is our ultimate aim

The team that is behind our success

Founder of Juneja Construction Company and its Director, Mr. Haji Thaku laid the foundation of the company back in 2011.
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Mr. Haji Thaku Man who laid the foundation

Being the executive director of the company, Mr. Siddhartha Jain had a lot of responsibility on his shoulders.
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Mr. Siddhartha Jain The man who made it all possible

With an experience of over 13 years in the infrastructure and the construction industry, Mr. Khamisha Khan's responsibility..
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Mr. Khamisha Khan Project Manager

Mr. Barkat Khan holds an experience of over ten years in the infrastructure and construction industry. He has made a significant..
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Mr. Barkat Khan Project Manager

With a five years experience in the infrastructure sector, Mr. Umeda Khan is another hard working member of our team...
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Mr. Umeda Khan Head Supervisor

Sometimes words fall short to express our thankfulness: However, we still made an attempt

A district like Barmer in Rajasthan would still have been one of the most economically backward and isolated place in our country, if not for Carin India that has changed the present as well as the future of this secluded place. In a place where education and employment is even scarce than water, Carin India brought new hope with its discovery of oil fields in the region.

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Our vision

Getting ahead of competition without compromising our values
We aim to become the biggest civil construction company and set new milestones in the sector of infrastructure and construction. Our vision is not only limited to taking Juneja Construction Company to the top, but also to help others to grow with us. Customer satisfaction is not our only goal. In fact, we make sure that our customers grow with us and make the most out of our success.

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We Do Not Just Say: We Actually Do

Juneja Construction Company is new to the construction industry, but rendering social responsibility is not a new concept for us. Mr. Siddhartha Jain, the executive director of the company has always been generous and has actively participated in many philanthropic activities. The company's corporate social responsibility reflects his values and qualities. Juneja Construction Company is based in Barmer district in Rajasthan. Barmer is home to some of the poorest, remotest and secluded villages of our country, where people are completely disconnected with the mainstream society that we live in. Although, the company offered several employment opportunities to people living in these remote villages, yet it soon realized that providing employment was not just enough to improve the living conditions of these places.

How we help and make a difference

Being a construction company, we analyzed how workers on our site bring along their children to work as labors, which help them to increase their source of income. Understanding our responsibility, we carried out every possible measure to discourage child labor. To do so, we also implemented programmes to educate children of our workers. Juneja Construction Company not only makes education accessible to these children, but also offers financial support to underprivileged workers, who are not able to provide education to their children.

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